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Valencia’s International Paella Day

Leer en españolThis event takes place every September in Valencia, Spain. It is an international competition in which chefs from around the world compete for the World Paella Day Cup. During the week-long tournament, many Valencian restaurants offer a special menu to delight locals and visitors with traditional dishes and different versions of paella. The World Paella Day has become a worldwide celebration since many other cities host special activities to promote their unique versions of this dish. New York, Toronto, Vienna, Rome, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Mexico City, Helsinki, and Bombay, all, have their own Paella Day. If you visit Valencia or any of these cities in September, don’t miss the opportunity to taste the delicious, ready-to-try paellas. If traveling is not a possibility for you, you can still get the Paella Day experience by learning online from famous chefs that will be at the event. You can participate from anywhere by following a virtual masterclass and sharing your own paella dish on social media using the hashtag #worldpaelladay.

Ice Sculpture Festival

Leer en españolThe Harbin Ice Festival is one of the largest snow and ice events in the world. The official opening ceremony is carried out on the first days of January and features sculptors from all over the world who meet at Harbin, in Northeast China, to create ice sculptures at the Sun Island Park.

Those traveling to China between the end of December and March can still see the sculptures because they are usually built before January and stay up until they melt!

A Lantern Festival Each Month

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Each month, when there is a full moon, locals and tourists can enjoy a colorful lantern festival in the Vietnamese town of Hoi An.

This traditional festival, also known as the “full moon celebration”, is part of the Buddhist calendar and is a way for locals to honor their ancestors and family. During the days of celebration, people hang colorful lanterns at the front of their homes as well as on the streets. They also place them on the river, covering it with floating lanterns.

If you plan to visit Vietnam, schedule a trip to Hoi An during a full moon to enjoy an unmissable cultural event.

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